Khushil Patel

MAJOR: Biology, Pre-Med

Year: Sophomore

My involvements: Research Volunteer in Dr. Ma Lab

CNA at Nursing Home

Volunteer at the NF Hospital

CURB Ambassador

Treasurer of CHSC

Fun Fact: I can speak 3 different languages!

Vice President

Carver Daniel

MAJOR: Microbiology and Cellular Science

Year: Sophomore

My involvements: Member of Gator Mentor-Mentee Program

Vice President of ACSOC

Currently looking for research positions

Fun Fact: I really, really love Checkers

(the fast food restaurant not the game)


Josmar Polanco

MAJOR: Biotechnology

Year: Freshman

My involvements: Mentor at MentorGNV

Research Volunteer at Boulant Lab

Member of DSA, ACF, LMSA

Fun Fact: I can solve a rubik's cube


Katarina Mueller

MAJOR: Biology

Year: Freshman

My involvements: I am involved in greek life, I volunteer in the pediatric wing of Shands Hospital, and I am in medigators!

Fun Fact: I am a twin!!



MAJOR: Marketing

Year: Freshman

My involvements: Social Media Manager for GeoGuessr Club.

Fun Fact: In my free time, I DJ and produce music.

Event Coordinator

Lola Accardi

MAJOR: Family, Youth, and Community Sciences

Year: Sophomore

My involvements: Graphic Designer for TEDxUF

Dance Marathon Ambassador

Volunteer at HCA Hospital

Greek Life

Fun Fact: I love to paint and sell paintings in my free time!

Faculty Advisor

Zhe Ma

MAJOR: Cancer Biology

Year: ???

My involvements: Run a lab

Perform experiments

Write grants

Teach students

Fun Fact: I built my lab at UF when almost everyone was quarantined in June 2020.