March: Beatriz Veronese officially joined the lab as a graduate student.

February: Salma's first birthday in the lab

Happy Chinese New Year!

January: Dr. Ma's first two Lectures "Innate and adaptive immune response to infection" on the Advanced Virology course at UF

Lab assistant Salma Drew joined the lab

Rotation student Beatriz Veronese joined the lab

Lab manager Gary Brown joined the lab


December: Noah's first birthday in the lab

October: Dr. Ma's first research talk "A surprise regulator of the cGAS-STING DNA sensing pathway" at MGM/BMB Combined Research Conference

Research technician Noah Benscher joined the lab.

September: Dr. Ma was awarded National Cancer Institute R00.

Lab IBC research protocol was approved.

Lab IACUC animal protocol was approved.

June: The Ultimate Savior, Gary Brown, was spotted.

May: Ma Lab Established.