#3 Lab game day: Mario party, Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch. Everyone likes "Phase 10" card game. MVP: "Kimberly"

Dr. Ma and Gary assemble a new desk for Kimberly and Salma.

Mahmuda Akter's rotation starts!

Kimberly joins the lab as a graduate student!

Beatriz does a great job on her first committee meeting!


Kimberly brings Pumpkin cookies for a lab decoration contest.

Kimberly Paulsen's rotation starts!

Dr. Ma finds armadillos in his backyard. At the same time, armadillos are spotted on UF campus by Noah.


Noah takes GRE exam. He gets a 98% on augment, to which everyday conversation with Dr. Ma contributes a lot.

Amy gets a good score on MCAT. However, she likes the lab so much, so she stays in the lab for one more year.

#2 game day. 1000 pieces of "Pokemon Showdown" Puzzle. Duration: 3h55m. MVP: Amy (official) and Noah (self-claimed).


Dr. Ma, Beatriz and Noah attends the 45th International Herpesvirus Workshop


Ma lab's first lab photo day!


Dr. Ma's first birthday with lab members

Dr. Ma, Beatriz and Noah attend the 23rd Int'l Workshop on Kaposi's Sarcoma Herpesvirus & Related Agents


Lab technician Amy Nguyen joins the lab!

Amy's first birthday in the lab.

Ma lab members have an official name "the STINGers!"

Natacha finishes her 4th rotation.


Ma Lab first lab meeting starts!

Rotation student Natacha Jn-Simon Joins the lab for her 4th rotation.


Graduate appreciation week, Dr. Ma brings homemade Chinese dessert to the lab.

Beatriz and Noah present "Explore the cGAS and STING's roles in KSHV replications" on Viroholic Seminar Series

Beatriz's first birthday in the lab.

Dr. Ma is invited to give a lecture on "The Role of cGAS-STING DNA Sensing Pathway in KSHV Related Pathogenesis" at Washington State University.

Beatriz Veronese officially joins the lab as a graduate student at Cancer Biology Concentration.

Beatriz Veronese does an excellent 3rd rotation presentation.


Salma's first birthday in the lab.

Happy Chinese New Year!

#1 Game day in Ma lab: Card game "COUP"--MVP-"Beatriz". Ma lab makes dumplings with everyone---MVP-"Salma"


Dr. Ma gives his first two Lectures "Innate and adaptive immune response to infection" on the Advanced Virology course at UF.

Lab assistant Salma Drew joins the lab.

Rotation student Beatriz Veronese joins the lab for her 3rd rotation.

Lab manager Gary Brown joins the lab.



Noah's first birthday in the lab.


Dr. Ma gives his first research talk "A surprise regulator of the cGAS-STING DNA sensing pathway" at MGM/BMB Combined Research Conference

Research technician Noah Benscher joins the lab.


Dr. Ma is awarded National Cancer Institute R00.

Lab IBC research protocol is approved.

Lab IACUC animal protocol is approved.


The Ultimate Savior, Gary Brown, is spotted.


The Ma Lab Establishes.